Complete 1 page APA formatted essay: Week 3: Final Project Milestone. Once the a

Complete 1 page APA formatted essay: Week 3: Final Project Milestone.
Once the attention of the readers has been captures the text in magazines utilizes text detection to ensure close reading in that the entire concentration of the readers is focused on the content of the pieces thus ensuring it passes maximum knowledge to the readers I the process. Words and phrases are tactically arranged to suit the target audience as it ensures the users traverse from one aspect to the next in a fashion that is entertaining and at the same time educating (Iqani, 2012).
Conversely, magazines are classified into categories in that readers can choose the type that suits their needs. In that light, the hobbies of the readers are engrained in the organization and content of magazines for instance for sports lovers a football magazine will embed texts along with the pictures of the football stars that soccer fans want to be associated with (Vannini, 2012). In that sense, they capture the attention of the readers through the pictures thus making the target audience to read the text contained on that page hence accomplishing the objective of the magazine to pass certain information. Additionally, magazines creates some degree of fantasies for their target audience in a manner that is so fulfilling thus making. thus, commanding fanatism from its readers hence ensuring they are always eager to grab a new version of that particular magazine (Talbot,

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