Complete 12 page APA formatted essay: Cars body parts. Diesel or gasoline… all a

Complete 12 page APA formatted essay: Cars body parts.
Diesel or gasoline… all are questions which deserve answers if you are looking for your best and most cost-efficient solution (Brain).
The biggest questions to answer are the choice of gasoline or diesel engines. The former can be less expensive to buy, but poorer fuel economy can result in higher costs and even a lower resale value.
Diesel engines once had a reputation as being smelly, noisy and having poor performance. Recent improvements in diesel engine technology, including high-pressure ‘common rail’ techniques, have improved all of these former drawbacks, and made diesels both more efficient and more powerful than similar-sized gasoline engines. The issue with diesel engines is that they can be more expensive than gasoline engines. A car buyer must therefore ask himself “am I going to drive a lot or a little with this car?” Drive a lot, and a diesel’s extra expense could be offset by lower fuel costs.
You probably know that the power train is everything that transmits power to the driving wheels. The engine is part of the power train—that’s where the power originates. But before the power gets to the wheels, it must be geared down to apply that power: that’s where the gearbox, or transmission, come into play. The transmission takes the spinning mass powered by the engine and converts it to useful energy at a useful speed (PowerTrains).
If you are stopped at an intersection, for example, the power train allows the engine to continue running despite the fact that your car is not moving. As soon as the light turns green and you step off the brake, the automatic transmission chooses first gear and allows you to move smoothly away from the intersection. As you increase your speed, the automatic transmission selects a higher gear—both to improve fuel economy and to keep the engine from over revving. When you finally reach highway speeds, the

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