Complete 2 page APA formatted essay: Breathe right strips. Basically, the summar

Complete 2 page APA formatted essay: Breathe right strips.
Basically, the summary of the problem identified in the case is the attempt to establish a product in the global market where the bulk of the consumers are only those who already have knowledge about its existence raising fears that the product may not be well known in the global markets it is being targeted for. Indeed, it is a bit challenging and difficult to establish a product that is categorised as an aTc in a global market. Basically, aTc is commonly used to refer to, over the counter product where customers do not necessarily need any prescription from the Doctor to purchase such a product. Likewise, the Breath Right Strip falls in the same category though it serves a lot of purposes. This product is used for various purposes such as helping breathe better through the nose, can be used by athletes, is also effective for snores and cold sufferers. This product was invented by Bruce Johnson, a chronic nasal congestion sufferer who later showed his invention to CNS, a supposedly small marketing company which recognized its marketing potential. Within a short while, the product proved to be gaining substantial recognition in the US, and there was also growing interest internationally about the product which probed CNS to go global and target countries with a large aTc market as well as those with a high per capita spending on the aTc markets. However, the performance as well as the perception of the product in the global markets is quite different from its country of origin, the US in this particular case.

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