Complete 2 page APA formatted essay: Discussion 7. eeds in response to minimal e

Complete 2 page APA formatted essay: Discussion 7.
eeds in response to minimal effort, so we shall be supplied with visual and auditory images, which will appear and disappear at a simple movement of the hand, hardly more than a sign” (1). In other words the real and the virtual worlds have now merged.
The term avatar comes from Hindu religious philosophy and means passing across or through, standing for the descent of a deity into the mortal world (2). Second Life is an interactive Web portal that allows you to create an avatar of your self to pass across into a virtual world. The avatar you create of yourself can have the go of yourself and indulge in activities that your real life person does not permit you to enjoy. So fly in the Second Life, if you are scared of heights in the real world. You are not limited by the limitations of your real person in the virtual world of the Second Life. You do not have to stir from your house for crossing over to the virtual. It is just mouse clicks away from the personal computer or lap tap that you possess. Enrol and leave the real world into the virtual world for as long as you want. Interact with other individuals in the virtual world. Join or form groups with same interests. Star your own business organization, buy and sell real estate. The market is ever expanding, with a constant migration of individuals from the real world to the virtual world of Second Life. Let your imagination fly in the virtual world for the virtual world is not constrained by the limitations of the real world. All this has become possible from the convergence of advances in audio and visual technologies, through innovations of technology in the field of information and communication technology (3).
Second Life sounds great and is a precursor of potential virtual applications through advances in video, audio, and communication technologies and their convergence, in a similar manner as photography triggering a revolution in the reproduction in visual mediums including art works. This convergence

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