Complete 2 page APA formatted essay: Hepatic disorders. The research aims to est

Complete 2 page APA formatted essay: Hepatic disorders.
The research aims to establish whether dieticians for nutritional evaluation at the various stages of chronic liver disease (CLD) and other hepatic disorders can use the technique.
Sixty-six patients were enrolled into the research study who were at different levels of progression of CLD. Their probability of their death or survival due to liver related complications was calculated and factored into the hypotheses of the research study. Nutritional diagnosis was based on measuring their mid arm circumference (MAC), mid arm and muscle circumference (MAMC) and triceps skin fold thickness (TST) (Dossel & Schlegel, 2009). Their subject global assessment (SGA) was also calculated as a relation to the overall results. Clinical and biochemical evaluation was done on their hepatic tissue and serum samples. The results garnered from the experiment illustrated an increase in derived-phase angle (Pha) of the BIA in well fed test subjects as compared to underfed participants(Dossel & Schlegel, 2009). This conclusion was arrived at by looking at the SGA of patients who had no hepatic encephalopathy. Calculations were also able to reveal that there was a significant co-relation between the Pha and the nutritional diagnosis data that was collected earlier. The body serum albumin from the research study participants displayed an inverse correlation with age of the subjects. The research results garnered from the experiment supported the conclusion that BIA-derived Pha of a patient is highly associated with patient survival rates. A decreased Pha is related to increase in risk of death from CLD and other hepatic disorders. The conclusion, from the research study, was successfully able to support the thesis that BIA derived Pha can be used and applied as a tool of nutritional evaluation, in CLD patients.
The hypothesis posted for the research study adequately addressed the purpose set out by the researchers, and it was

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