Complete 2 page APA formatted essay: Homework questions. Both parties, therefore

Complete 2 page APA formatted essay: Homework questions.
Both parties, therefore, had the capacity to enter into the agreement. In the case, it is clear that all the obligations were met by the promise and the bargain is to be honored thereof. Sidway should respect the agreement and follow what Story had said.
The issue here is whether a valid contract was written between the two parties in question and the suit entities on promissory estoppel theory. The theory explains that. if a person makes a false statement to another and the recipient relies on it in good faith and to his disadvantage, then the court treats the statement as a promise in order to provide justice. Medister, which is a real estate developer entered into a considerable contract with Dr. Schmidt, who offered the contract to develop the Texas Centre for athletes. The contract was considerable since the contractor accepted and was in a position to perform the work he contracted with the amount of money agreed. In analyzing the case it is clear that Dr. Schmidt gave an assurance to the contractor on full work completion, it was, therefore, reasonable for the contractor to rely on the assurance. Prevention of injustice is the imperative idea in this case, and injustice can be prevented only by enforcing the assurance of Dr. Schmidt. Medister is entitled to complete the project they contracted.
The uprising issue in this case is whether the two parties entered into a valid agreement and contract between them. The fact is that Kathy left his car to be serviced by Freddie at any agreed contract on the cost. Freddie had an obligation of repairing the car at any cost that he deemed think was fit. In this scenario, the parties did not have a valid contract between them that was to stipulate how the business was to be undertaken. it is, therefore, a quasi-contract. In quasi-contract, the court has an obligation to prevent unjust enrichment. The bill that Freddie has given Kathy seemed to be high as compared to the repair that has been made.

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