Complete 2 page APA formatted essay: Project Revisions. There are no specifics o

Complete 2 page APA formatted essay: Project Revisions.
There are no specifics on what type of infrastructure already exist in the park and what are the current conditions of the facilities. The vendor included within his contract that he is only responsible of the new equipment within the park. There are no measures within the plan to clearly identify the equipment the vendor will install.
In the beginning it might be simple to differentiate between new or old equipment, but in the future the distinction will not be as clear. Play Place needs to perform a full inventory count of all machinery and equipment preexisting inside Child City before installing any equipment. Play City must stipulate within the contract the exact coordinates where the new equipment will be installed. The contract stipulates that Play City is not responsible if anything happens due to the previous infrastructure. That is a good clause, but the entire city knows that this rehabilitation of this project is based on Play City’s involvement. The company should not install anything until they make sure that any equipment installed inside the facilities is up to the company’s security and quality standards. They must perform a full audit of the facilities before proceeding with the project.
The city is currently responsible for performing soil and water inspections of the facilities. The current plan does not specify exactly when these inspections will be realized. Play Place under no circumstance can start the project without proper inspection since a bad soil sample could cause a faulty installation of the playground systems. This factor could delay the project. To mitigate this risk either Play Place or Child City should hire an independent contractor to perform the tests instead of relying on the government of the city.
A risk factor within this project is child safety. The Child City Park is designed for children of all ages. The Play Place equipment to be installed is designed

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