Complete 2 page APA formatted essay: Which Giant will Dominate E-commerce: Amazo

Complete 2 page APA formatted essay: Which Giant will Dominate E-commerce: Amazon vs. Walmart.
This paper illustrates that offers diverse commodities in its e-commerce markets, unlike Wal-Mart, which utilizes books, as the main competing item. resolved on utilizing e-commerce, as its greatest venture and has acquired numerous markets due to its low prices, and diversity in the commodities offered. Amazon has offered its customers effective distribution channels through the creation of numerous warehousing facilities that cater for web shopping The firm offers premium service for shipping its consumer’s goods at a reasonable price. At the recent time, the price for the premium shipping stands at $79 per annum, although it still offers free shipment for definite commodities that reach $25. The firm offers doorstep deliveries of consumer products relieving consumers the hassles of shopping at malls and other places. According to the firm, physical shopping involves a lot and waste lots of time. Currently, the firm has prefaced other delivery systems where certain cities in the U.S can obtain their deliveries in a single day. In addition, the firm has improved its internal systems in order to squeeze a second-day delivery that transpires on Saturdays. This has appreciably assisted the firm and its shoppers since certain goods can be delivered instantly. The shipping for Amazon is undertaken by a third party, a factor that allows Amazon to provide wide-ranging commodities, and still hold the inventory expenditure low, while augmenting its revenues. In comparison, Wal-Mart offers free shipment of commodities that consumers purchase although they have to be above 1.5 million in quantity. The commodities are then taken to Wal-Mart stores where the owners can pick them. The firm is testing a drive-through window system for the internet shoppers to collect their commodities in a similar manner that restaurants carry out. Wal-Mart has recently prefaced free shipping for every online order that acts as a response to the improved delivery system.

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