Complete 3 page APA formatted essay: Emotional intellegince. Human capital plays

Complete 3 page APA formatted essay: Emotional intellegince.
Human capital plays pivotal role in business organizations and in their success. In today’s fiercely competitive business contexts, human capital and effectively managing this high-valued resource have become major corporate strategies that affect competitive advantage (Hall, 2008). Human capital is the sum total of knowledge, skills, talents, experience, wisdom and other personal as well as professional qualities that people in the organization possess and utilize for the organization’s purposes.
HR roles and functions have been evolving tremendous changes from being fundamentally administrative to making strategic decisions regarding choosing right talents for right tasks. Jarrel (2012) emphasized that focusing on the emotional intelligence of people in the organization has become another change that the HR field has witnessed very recently. It was because those employees who showed high emotional intelligence have influenced others around them positively rather than negatively.
Why emotional intelligence matters in the workplace is because the way people affect others in the same workplace is an important matter to affect the effectiveness of leadership, teamwork, collaboration, knowledge sharing, organizational learning and so on. For instance, transformational or charismatic leaders are those who influence their subordinates by identifying their needs and taking positive ways to meet their requirements. Stough, Saklofske and Parker (2009) are of the view that leadership effectiveness is closely linked to the levels of emotional intelligence of the leader. With a view to achieve highest level of emotional intelligence in the workplace, human resource management adopts selective hiring and training and development program to ensure that their workforce would demonstrate EI competencies.
By using Hendrie Weisinger’s Emotional Intelligence assessment tool, I found that my overall EI level was above the average, with a point of 84. The levels of self

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