Complete 3 page APA formatted essay: Why does Hollywood hates Arabs. We can infe

Complete 3 page APA formatted essay: Why does Hollywood hates Arabs.
We can infer this typical stereotyping from a film “Reel Bad Arabs” which does not require the audience to have an impression about what Arabs and Muslims are. It resembles the word “Real Bad Arabs” which the word alone passed a negative judgement about a certain group of people with a distinct culture without even inquiring the essence of Mohammedism.
This stereotyping is typical and often feeds and enflames on the prejudice against Muslims and Arabs. It rides on the negative aspect of pathos, or capitalizing on the negative emotional connotation and impression about Arabs to sell as a film by highlighting Arabs and Muslims as bad guys as initially conveyed by the news.
This is quite effective because this approach appeals to the basic instinct of people which is fear. Fear is common among people and Hollywood use this to elicit interest among the audience of its films by demonizing the Arabs and Muslims whom fear can feed on. It is only unfortunate that this fear can later turned into loathing because it is human nature to reject and abhor things that its fears.
Arabs and Muslims then became as a favorite enemy of Hollywood when its audience subconsciously wants to confront and overcome its fear. It then exalts the virtue of overcoming a challenge at the expense of another group of people who are helpless about their portrayals in the films.
Demonizing Arabs does not even have to be logical. The tile “Reel Bad Arabs” is not even intelligible nor have any shade of logos in it but its producers knew that it does not have to be reasonable or logical in the presentation of its film to have an audience. Hollywood knows that when people’s pathos are awakened, the logos can be overshadowed because the audience are already entertained by capitalizing and feeding on their fears. This fear was even made into humor by Leslie Nielsen in the film “An American Carol” where Leslie

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