Complete 4 page APA formatted essay: Question is below. Still, we wonder at the

Complete 4 page APA formatted essay: Question is below.
Still, we wonder at the real enormity of freedom granted to the people that have been tempered by the government’s implementation of rules and regulations which effectively shrank the people’s rights.
A closer look on lobbying for the public’s freedom has on the other hand, generated so much confusion.
This is probably because the people do not really have a cohesive stand on issues concerning rights, privileges, limitations and violations.
So now, after lapping in the comforts of the information age for years, we come at another crucial but definitely interesting point of contention. What limits should be set by law on the freedom of expression of communication and publication via the internet?
We need to highlight on censorship not only of indecent materials via the internet but also of other forms of psychological abuse towards humanity. This is due to the fact that news reports have illustrated examples of alarming crimes directly or vicariously connected from having accessed materials published virtually. If it has spawned criminal behavior, of that we need empirical evidence but the truth remains that misbehaviors have been learned and continuously so, through the web.
We draw the line at child and explicit adult pornography. We draw the line at extreme graphic violence and psychologically damaging elements. We draw the line at unlimited access particularly for children of sites that are too exploitative or too destructive to the over-all well-being and dignity of each person.
Restrictions are primordially important since we have struggled to espouse special protection for women and children from the laws that have been enacted. Yet, from the sites available on the internet alone, we see horrendous and crippling images of the marginalized members of the society that we have sworn to protect.
Furthermore, numerous libelous statements have genuinely defamed entities because of lack or inconsistent interpretation of statutes concerning

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