Complete 5 page APA formatted essay: Creation of man- from a biblical standpoint

Complete 5 page APA formatted essay: Creation of man- from a biblical standpoint.
Mutations were also claimed to produce a considerable impact upon the evolutionary processes, as they created certain differences within a species, thus producing possibilities for evolutionary transformations.
Natural selection is a constant process that exists within any species and results in preserving and storing changes that prove to be useful for this very species in the given conditions.
Bad changes are thereby annihilated. In the animal world, one can observe the following tendency: the animals having useful characteristics usually survive, whereas the animals possessing non-useful features tend to die out.
Natural selection highlights those features which determine any individual’s ability to survive in certain conditions, to obtain food successfully and avoid potential danger. Natural selection plays “creative” role in the nature, as it is considered the main driving force of evolution. It is generally thought by evolutionists that of all undirected changes some changes may be selected which can result in formation of new species that are fitter for the given conditions.
However, since Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution was created and published, more theories began to evolve which dealt with the question of whether the model of evolution proposed by Darwin was the only possible one. K. E. von Baer was Darwin’s contemporary, and, perhaps, the first opponent. (Kull, K., 1998)
Moreover, there are also the creationists who deny the very essence of evolution as they are guided by their beliefs in the Holy Bible. For example, one of creationists A. Custance in his book Evolution or creation? states that:
… cooperation and even self-sacrifice are found to be by no means uncommon among animals in the wild, both between members of a single species and between members of different species. Animals are seen to feed the wounded, guide the blind, help the disabled, and

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