Complete 5 page APA formatted essay: How people change management is related to

Complete 5 page APA formatted essay: How people change management is related to Business Process Management.
This paper explores the relationship that exists between people change management and Business Process Management.
Organisational change management or people change management plays a very vital part in ensuring successful business process management. It involves changing the beheviour of people making up the organisation and equipping them with the necessary skills required to take the organisation into the desired direction. People change management helps organisational change managers as well as business process managers to create change awareness, reduce employee resistance, manage change impact and implement desired business process change effectively (Brocke & Rosemann 2010. Jeston & Nelis 2014).
Business process management is a field usually focused on bringing efficiency in business process and increase the effectiveness and agility with which the organisation strives towards its set objectives. In many cases, organisations pursue efficiency in order to cut down production costs and contain employee lay-offs through cost control. Effectiveness in every business process is the sure means through which companies can attain their goals such as establishing high customer experience and hence satisfaction through excellent customer service. In the modern market, consumer dynamics are fast changing and organisations have to be in better positions to respond to changes in the markets (Brocke & Rosemann 2010). Agility enables companies to swiftly respond to the changes in the market and turn existing challenges into business opportunities.
Change management is basically one of the most daunting tasks for managers. This is because it involves changing people. Organisational change demands the transformation of the culture of the organisation, which stills comes down to changing people within the organization (Brocke & Rosemann 2010). Every change

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