Complete 6 page APA formatted essay: Narrative Description and Reflection. The b

Complete 6 page APA formatted essay: Narrative Description and Reflection.
The book offers directions on issues relating to problem solving, critical thinking and creativity. Teachers can implement active learning by using this book to get information on previous cases and the results that were achieved.
Borasi and Rose have been focusing on how to improve the college algebra course by introducing journal writing as a means of allowing students to reflect on the contents of the course and encourage them to share their feelings. This article defines the educational value of engaging students to practice journal writing. Its main objective is to show the potential contribution that writing can provide in terms of the student’s writing and communication skills and encouraging independent thinking. A journal writing process designed for classrooms is also presented with other suggestions and recommendations on how to effectively encourage personal writing. The evaluation procedures and design will save instructors time in application and improve student’s participation. This article will offer help to instructors who have not yet adopted the model of journal writing in the classes by simplifying the complexity in introducing students to writing.
Emig is among the first originators of writing to learn methodology. She argues that writing presents a special way of learning different from reading, talking and listening. In this book, she differentiates the nature of writing from other means of learning while taking note of problems in courses that primarily focus on reading and listening only. The book tries to show how writing is an active learning process by defining it as an organic process that engages a person in whole. The chapters elaborate that writing involves use of the eyes, hands and the brain making it a unique multi-representational mode for learning. In the last chapter, the book relates writing to the journals and notes that are a

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