Complete 6 page APA formatted essay: Oka Conflict of Canada. From this discussio

Complete 6 page APA formatted essay: Oka Conflict of Canada.
From this discussion it is clear that political conflicts are the most common form of conflicts occurring among many regions around the world. These disputes are caused by different reasons and despite their nature being political. the fundamental course defines the actual conflict. Environmental conflicts refer to disputes occurring between different interest groups because of existing resources available within the natural environment. These conflicts are defined through the various natural resources available within the environment, which might be lost or gained following the occurrence of the conflict. The nature of the Oka conflict results in the identification of the conflict as being environmental. The disputed land that the conflicting parties were interested in contained numerous resources that the government and the Mohawk community were interested in keeping. The hard-line stands that each party maintained contributed significantly in the development of the conflict, from a simple dispute, to become a full-blown conflict between different parties. The failure to effectively resolve the environmental dispute resulted in the explosion of the dispute to become a conflict. As the paper highlights the environmental dispute involved land, which was utilised by the Mohawk community as their ancestral land although the community did not have sufficient prrof of ownership of the land. Documentation for the land ownership by the community had not been of any significance until the dispute occurred. The community had lived within the confines of the land and developed an attachment to the land, which would be extremely difficult to break. This community has been involved in numerous land claims with the government, which have always been rejected by the government. The local community had continuously sought injunctions to prevent the occupancy of the land by foreigners but the government had always rejected their applications.

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