Complete 6 page APA formatted essay: Procurement. ent system is vital since the

Complete 6 page APA formatted essay: Procurement.
ent system is vital since the correct choice may help to avoid eventualities that might negatively impact on time, costs and quality. to ensure that the project’s goals are attained. One needs to consider a variety of factors from the project’s internal and external environment in which the industry operates.
A point to note is that different projects may require different systems based on a project’s features (Hashim, Yuet, Chu, Hooi, Heng & Yong 2006). Procurement systems are divided into three categories namely. traditional, management contracting and design and build methods. These three categories have different influences on each factor. The following factors are may be considered in the construction of site in Chelmsford. Time, complexity, price certainty, government policy, price completion, responsibility, risk avoidance and familiarity of procurement methods (Hashim, Yuet, Chu, Hooi, Heng & Yong 2006).
Time is of fundamental when deciding which procurement system to acquire for construction purposes. Time described here is from inception to completion stage. If the completion deadline is not met due to an inefficient procurement system, extra or overrun costs will be incurred by the contractor making the project expensive. The procurement system should monitor the lead-time schedules to ensure that the functional spaces are completed within the required time and start generating income. The client being a private firm, completion time of the project is truly crucial and of importance to them (Hashim, Yuet, Chu, Hooi, Heng & Yong 2006). Therefore, the procurement system must be comprehensive in planning and its schedules to achieve deadlines and other timelines required. Time as a factor is affected by the given procurement methods in the following ways. Design and build method is advantageous for a client who wants a quick return on their investment. The client may employ management contracting method in order to reduce the project

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