Complete 6 page APA formatted essay: SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY. Hence, they were exposed

Complete 6 page APA formatted essay: SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY.
Hence, they were exposed to both the fear generated by the film on smoking, as well as provided with the tools to begin to tackle those fears. i.e, smoking cessation tips.
This study found that the desired action was increased in the third category of participants. In the first instance, where the participants were only shown the film about the dangers of smoking,
high levels of fear were aroused, but this did not produce the desired effect, on the contrary, participants increased their smoking after being exposed only to the film. This was explained on the basis of the denial hypothesis, whereby when participants who are already high anxiety persons are exposed to more fear generation through the vehicle of the film, the net effect of such fear generation is psychological denial wherein they refuse to believe that the threat could actually apply to them. As a result, this does not produce any reduction in fear at all.
Similarly, those who were exposed to only the tips on how to stop smoking did not demonstrate the desired effect either, because in this instance, the levels of fear were not adequate enough to spur the participant into action. Since the dangers of smoking were not impressed upon these participants and fear was not sparked off in them, they did not fully realize the dangers of smoking. As a result, after the study was conducted, these participants also demonstrated higher levels of smoking. Hence, this tactic was also not successful in achieving the desired objective, i.e, reduction in smoking levels of the participants.
This study demonstrated that neither very high levels of fear nor very low levels of fear can successfully achieve the desired objective. Rather it is moderately high levels of fear which are truly effective. As pointed out by the authors in this study, it is the highly threatening messages that generate higher

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