Complete 7 page APA formatted essay: Management, Innovation and New Technology.

Complete 7 page APA formatted essay: Management, Innovation and New Technology.
According to Sonnack, “3M was found to be in very good shape with respect to fundamental, technology-driven innovation” (Hippel, 1999).
3M’s policy promotes all the employees to dedicate up to 15% of the work time on any one project of choice of the employees. During this phase of work the developers are busy on new ideas as individuals and as informal groups.
They try to fetch the project where it can be considered for formal support as a product or service development project.
Technology and knowledge are the two approaches of innovation process through which a company can grow and expand. 3M has been able to utilize the technology and knowledge based strategy for innovation of many products. Especially the Post-it note pad was the innovation of 3M in which the application of technical and knowledge based innovation approaches were witnessed. There were lot of research and innovation processes going on with the product and the market. There were initial failures with the technology of the product and with constant knowledge application towards the product development, the company was successful in launching the standard Post-it note pad in the market and achieved success (Berman & Hagan, 2006).
But Rhodes and Wield have discarded machine based or technology based innovation in support of knowledge based formation of technological change. The view provided by them was towards knowledge as frequently tactical and not as explicit. Technology is the body of knowledge and not machinery. Almost all the innovations occurred in an applied setting like shop floor.
In 3M, all the employees get engaged in one project of their choice and devotes towards the project in making them reality. The culture of innovation environment has made the 3M develop many innovative products and services.
Invention is determined appliance of the individual mind that surrenders an innovative conception with the practical application. According to The

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