Complete 8 page APA formatted essay: African studies. As a result, it is necessa

Complete 8 page APA formatted essay: African studies.
As a result, it is necessary to give a detailed discussion of the ancient art, agriculture, and myths of the Egyptians. In the past centuries, Egyptians engaged in various agricultural activities ranging from crop farming to animal keeping. Equally, this country had numerous creative and talented artists,
who used their skills appropriately to promote religious activities and impact positively on lives of their compatriots. Moreover, Egyptians had numerous myths explaining philosophical questions such as origin and creation of man and the universe. They also shaped people’s opinions and promoted peaceful coexistence among the Egyptians. All these ancient cultural practices of the Egyptians promoted peaceful coexistence and survival of many people in the community.
Ancient art was an important practice among the Egyptians. These people used art to express their thoughts and perception creatively on various things in life. In addition, Egyptians artists were keen observers, and as a result, ancient Egyptian art was characterized by a combination of geometric regularity. The artists paintings and carvings were a representation of the various figure in the community. Moreover, artists also depicted numerous fundamentals of their lives through their artwork. According to Kaplan (2004), most artists drew or painted different pictures ranging from hunting scenes in the community to farming practices. Equally, other artists in Egypt painted various scenes on pottery vessels and herds of cattle in the early times. These artworks mainly reflected the prehistoric Egyptian lifestyle and economic activities in the community. In the current society, such drawings have enabled numerous people learn and appreciate the Egyptian culture and practices in the previous centuries.
In addition, ancient Egyptian art promoted unity and peaceful coexistence in the society. Artists worked as a group and maintained

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