Complete 9 page APA formatted essay: Write a major on an aspect of gastronomy. T

Complete 9 page APA formatted essay: Write a major on an aspect of gastronomy. The topic: Nouvelle cuisine and haute cuisine, analyse the current trends and challenges in the restaurant industry.
They were authors of the restaurant guide called Le Nouveau. Specifically, they were referring to the style of cooking developed by the students of Fernand point, notable being Paul Bocuse, Raymond Oliver, and Roger Verge (Rao and Durand, 2005).
The contributing factor to this style of cooking was during the Second World War,
and most specifically during the German occupation of France. During this period, there was a limited supply of animal products, forcing chefs to prepare light and delicate meals. Andrew Gayot and Christian Millau denote that this style of cooking is characterized by the use of fresh ingredients in making the meals, and the use of steaming as a method of cooking. The purpose of taking this approach was to preserve the natural flavors of the ingredients used (Pilcher, 2001). This style of cooking was also characterized by the innovation of chefs, who had the freedom of combining new and tested ingredients for purposes of meeting customers’ requirements. Gayot and Millau further denote that chefs, who embraced this style of cooking, ceased from using heavy sauces and strong marinade for purposes of seasoning meat.
On this basis therefore, nouvelle cuisine integrated new styles of cooking, which were never used before the Second World War. Haute cuisine on the other hand is the preparation of expensive and elegant foods, whose target are people of the higher echelons of the society. When the food was served, it was accompanied by expensive wine. This type of food preparation, and service was found in expensive, and high class hotels, and restaurants. Its evolution dates back to 17th century, up to the present, and it was grounded on the need of replacing the serving of all meals at once, with serving them in courses (Morris, 2006).
This paper analyzes the current trends of the haute and nouvelle cuisines. It also identifies the challenges this modes of

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