complex spatial organization of large cities, and urban development dynamics


You have studied the dynamics of urban growth processes as well as the intricate spatial arrangement of built environments, socioeconomic activities, and major urban areas during this course. Among other things, the importance of transportation in tying together distinct metropolitan areas and influencing dynamic urban development processes has received attention.
You are required to write a report that lists the main duties of a city in the Six County Southern California region (Imperial, Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, and Ventura Counties) and briefly discusses its present and future planning problems as part of the PP&D108 course requirements. To be more precise, you must: 1) Choose a municipality from the list of cities that is provided that interests you (see page 2).
2) Examine or analyze the profile of the chosen municipality using a variety of sources of data, such as: a. local SCAG jurisdiction profiles, created by the Southern California Association of Governments and available at b. local SCAG jurisdiction profiles; c.
a. The instructor’s journey-to-work matrix for the area
d. The municipality’s general plan, which is accessible on the city website.
3) Compose a report (1200–2000 words) that (i) provides a brief overview of the chosen city, (ii) explains its distinctive features and the city’s function as an integral part of the region, and (iii) discusses the city’s current and potential planning issues.
Your report shouldn’t only summarize or restate important facts or other material that is easily accessible. It must be an insightful and original assessment of the information relevant to the chosen city. Please make effective use of data tables and/or figures as necessary.
The following standards will be used to grade assignments:
Completeness and originality of the analysis and interpretation (50%)
Validity of the entire logic, including discussions, in the argumentation (30%)
Clarity in the documentation or graphical display (20%)
Please be aware that our late submission policy, which firmly enforces a grade reduction of 5% of the total report credit every day, will be imposed.
Furthermore, reports submitted after December 10, 2015, will not be accepted.

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