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Compose a 1000 words essay on MGMT402 U4 IP Labor Laws. Needs to be plagiarism f

Compose a 1000 words essay on MGMT402 U4 IP Labor Laws. Needs to be plagiarism free!
This was a law formulated and passed in 1926 but later amended in 1936 that provides a legal framework for resolution of disputes through conflict resolution, mediation and bargaining instead of striking for the workers of railway and airlines. It also further extends to issues such as representation of employees and administration of contracts in places where the employees have representation by labor union (Twomey, 2012).
The act has definitely improved the losses the railway and airlines organizations incur when the workers go on strike in protesting their work conditions or any other aspect of the work ethics and organizational culture. The mediation curbs the strike and ensures workers continue with their normal duties as negotiations and mediation continues.
The relationship between the union and management has improved because of the National Mediation Board that is part of the labor law and which tries to maintain civility between the two parties for the sake of the workers. In short, the union puts its demands and the management retaliates by negotiating the terms and finally coming up with an agreement but in the end the workers benefit.
This was an act passed in 1932 that ensured removal of legal barriers against the trade unions. The act other than barring the federal courts from issuing injunctions on unions following labor disputes, it also ensured that employers did not interfere with the rights of their workers to join trade unions. Prior to the act being enforced, employees upon employment were forced to sign contracts (yellow-dog contracts) that prohibited them from joining labor unions but this was prohibited by the courts (Cihon and Castagnera, 2013).
The relationship between the union and management was sour as the management saw the union as an obstacle while the union viewed the management as out to

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