Compose a 1000 words essay on Social Construction of gender. Needs to be plagiar

Compose a 1000 words essay on Social Construction of gender. Needs to be plagiarism free!
These include the mesosystem, exosystem, chronosytem, microsystem, and the macrosystem (White, Livesey, & Hayes, 2012, p.16). This paper will give a limelight on the theory, including the five layers and also develop a marriage related genogram to detail more on family development.
The ecological systems theory is important and was proposed by Bronfenbrenner in an attempt to move away from the conventional focus that perceived the immediate environment of an individual to be more important than the relationships. He also wanted to focus on the development process and not necessarily concentrate on the isolated variables at a particular period of time. Most of the models place more emphasis on nurture versus nature in the development of people. Nevertheless, the ecological systems theory looks closely at the person’s environment in terms of context and quality. In his theory, Bronfenbrenner theorized five major environmental related factors that tend to impact development and growth in a person. They include the exosystem, mesosystem, microsystem, and the chronosystem (White, Livesey, & Hayes, 2012, p.16)
The microsystem is the layer that is in close and direct contact with a child. It encompasses close ties within the family and the interactions that a child has with their family, school, neighbors, or hospital among others. Therefore, the theory claims that people are not merely recipients of the main occurrences or experiences that they get when socializing with people in the micro-system level or environment. However, they play a major role in contributing to the development and the construction of such an environment. This means that parents tend to influence the beliefs of their children and vice versa. Under this level, an individual is an active participant and is influenced by his or her immediate environment. Various scholars have been applying the microenvironment concept to comprehend the development of a

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