Compose a 1000 words essay on Using technology within and across social encounte

Compose a 1000 words essay on Using technology within and across social encounters. Needs to be plagiarism free!
Just like any other aspects of communication, mobile SMS is an evolving feature of the mobile phone technology where there is development of the wireless application protocol which is an open standard to all and it uses wireless communication. This creates the links between internets and it makes it possible to exchange text messages between internet applications and the mobile phones. Various mobile phones have also incorporated the use of the bleu tooth making it easier to interchange any electronic files of any kind between proximate mobile communication devices. With all these innovations SMS has still remained the most popular feature of the mobile phones that is frequently used by the mobile phone user but to some greater extent technological affordances have rendered the SMS massing very different from the environment from which the ordinary conversation was developed and used.
In the social relation in which the SMS tend to be linked, research shows that SMS is focused on the issues that are specialized and restricted to a specific form of linguistic expression that is evolved in the context of the system affordances that most users have become costumed to. In essence text massages should be taken as a single entity when looking at the approaches from the perspective of their role in the social relationship. The study that is conducted by the Laursen is perhaps the only analysis that to date acknowledges that text messages are exchanged between the users of the technology and that some text massages tend to occasion responses in the form of the reply texts from their recipient even if the text does not make reply conditionally relevant. Text messages are made up of half-duplets units that do not operate the same way as the units of utterances in the communications meaning that SMS users engage in a synchronous communication which is

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