Compose a 1500 words essay on Discuss whether Harry would be able to rely on the

Compose a 1500 words essay on Discuss whether Harry would be able to rely on the existence of a contact and what rights /remedies he may be entitled to ( if any). Needs to be plagiarism free!
There are several types of contracts between buyers and the sellers. Contract via postal service is one of the types to exchange the required documents. The methodology of postal service requires the acceptance of the offers with the help of written contracts by using communicational resources and does not require for the face to face meetings. Though postal contract is an easy way of communication to save time. but there are the possibilities of losing the contract papers, undelivered of the important papers, or delay in receiving due to unexpected strikes or the unusual holidays. According to law, a general rule for accepting the postal documents is valid at the time of delivery (whether at time or late). There is another solution of the late delivery of contract papers, is to accept the order on the basis of the posting date rather than the date of delivery for the acceptance of the order. The acceptance of the late receiving contract of acceptance also requires the condition of settling the offer and price through postal service. If the case of late delivery of the offer acceptance was not specifically limited under the conditions of receiving or posting date, then the rationale behaviour says that the buyer should not force for committed offer through postal documents for accepting or rejecting the offer. The system of no boundary conditions cannot run very efficiently due to certain types of unusual operations, because late delivery is not the mistake of buyer for which one can lose its required products. In some cases the rule of postal services are not very effective, if the contract is acceptable in terms of sending date rather than receiving date. It is clearly demonstrated that under some conditions the postal service rule will not implement if these were prohibited to express. In case of delay, the seller should ask for another contract form to keeping maintains the business efficiently. Although, to trust on postal service is not easy to

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