Compose a 1750 words essay on Scheduled Installments comparison. Needs to be pla

Compose a 1750 words essay on Scheduled Installments comparison. Needs to be plagiarism free!
Because of that, it is essential to look beyond the visible features and focus on the functionality of the two solutions to determine the best choice of a solution for improving the business. In the functional evaluation of micro to medium market Scheduled Installment solutions, the Accounting Library placed Scheduled Installment in low position in majority of the functional aspects but Microsoft Dynamics GP occupied almost the top position. The variation in functional ability gives a direct outcome on the productivity of the users.&nbsp.A systematic analysis done in 2007 on the contribution of the Scheduled Installment solutions on the productivity of users revealed that users of Microsoft Dynamics GP had an average score 18% above users of Scheduled Installment solutions. Microsoft Dynamics has got three core strengths that enables maintain the top functional efficiency above Scheduled Installment.
Dynamics GP operates together with Microsoft Office applications just in the same way as SQL products do. It also works in the same way as the Microsoft Office products.&nbsp.It is therefore very easy for Microsoft Dynamic GP users to integrate them with Office applications such Access, excel, Power Point, Outlook and Word.&nbsp.In addition, users who already are conversant with Microsoft Office applications need little or no training at all to use Microsoft Dynamics GP because they have similar interfaces.&nbsp.On the other hand, Scheduled Installment is still in the process of working with Microsoft to construct their integration with Office applications.
As Scheduled Installment gives an ordinary system user interface with real time accessibility to all of properties, Microsoft Dynamics GP gives each user a customized and personal interface, which is task oriented and with pre-defined, customized roles and information look. The role-oriented home pages provide each user with the necessary information

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