Compose a 2000 words essay on A Reflective Analysis on the Assessment and Manage

Compose a 2000 words essay on A Reflective Analysis on the Assessment and Management for ankle injury. Needs to be plagiarism free!
The aim was not only to see the patient receiving the most suitable treatment for his condition, but also to consider such matters as how could he have been treated somewhat differently for an optimal outcome and how can similar injuries be prevented in the future. When considering this patient’s case reflectively the Gibbs model was chosen (1988). This well established model was chosen because it follows logically , and includes such things as evaluation and analysis, and also allows for the fact that the problem might recur, as is common in ankle injuries. The practitioner as they reflect, learn while doing.
A patient in his early 20s walked in at the UCC with a contused left ankle. He said that he acquired the injury while playing soccer and the swelling and reaction present indicated that he was in great pain. The patient responded to questions in order to identify the cause of the injury, and the next cause of action. An ankle injury occurs when there is overstretching of ligaments beyond their ability, therefore causing a tearing (Stephens, Pait, & Sheehan, 2003).
Following the OTTAWA ankle rules, not all ankle springs require XRAY, especially where there are no suspected fractures (McKeag & Moeller, 2007, p. 502). However, the clinician did make an exemption in this case because there was a swelling on the left ankle and the condition would not allow palpation of the bone. It was felt that if the patient had not continued playing at the initial stage when he first injured the ankle then there would not have been such swelling and the pain he was experiencing.
Ankle sprain results from two situations. The inversion injury whereby the ankle turns inside as the ankle inverse and an injury due to external rotation (Buttaro, Trybulski, & Bailey, 2013 p.887). In order to determine the extent of the injury, which is a categorization the injury in a particular grade, a health practitioner carries out further

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