Compose a 2000 words essay on Analyse the condition in which American nations be

Compose a 2000 words essay on Analyse the condition in which American nations became, according to Benedict Anderson, Creole Pioneers of nationalism. Needs to be plagiarism free!
Colonies came with high developed military, marine, governmental and entrepreneurial capabilities. England started their colonies in both West Indies and North America as they had the ability to build ocean-worthy ships though they did not have a strong history of colonisation on foreign land as Spain did.
Benedict Anderson, the author of one of the most important concept in political geography described nations as imagined communities. Born in Kunming, China, and brought up in California then after he moved to Ireland. The major factors contributing to nationalism in the past three centuries as Anderson described were the use of historical materialist or the Marxist approach (Jackson and Penrose 1998, p. 1).
In respect to this, Anderson argued that Marxist thought had included nationalism but had proved an uncomfortable irregularity for this theory. He defined a nation as imagined political community seen as both inherently limited and sovereign arguing that the main cause of nationalism and the creation of an imagined community is the reduction of access to particular script language in this case Latin. The other cause is the movement to abolish the ideas of the celestial rule and monarchy, as well as the appearance of the printing press under a scheme of capitalism. The introduction of imagined communities was as a result of reconciling Marxist theories and nationalism and also to put into consideration what Anderson envisaged as a twisted context for the appraisal of nationalism. This distortion still continues both within and outside the academy. In Latin America and Indonesia, Anderson defined a nation as an imagined political community and put it as both inherently limited and sovereign. Marshall (2007, p. 448) describes the concept of imagined communities as currently standard within geographical books. The concept does not necessarily mean that a nation is false but refers to a nation as being constructed from popular

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