Compose a 2000 words essay on The Four Prototypes of Community Justice. Needs to

Compose a 2000 words essay on The Four Prototypes of Community Justice. Needs to be plagiarism free!
The main goal of community justice is preventing community crime, community policing, defending the community, community prosecution and restorative court systems. The idea is formed around the notion that the community takes control of its policing activities in collaboration with the police system (Hayes & Bryant,
2002). This management of the community’s own public safety is essential because it gets everyone involved. This improves the flow of information to the authorities.
The methodology that will be employed in this analysis will involve an in-depth analysis of books authored and online discussions on the prototypes. This analysis will look to summarize and evaluate the extent of these prototypes and their application in the practical community setting. The idea of community justice will also be evaluated in general, and its practicality analyzed. A study of books authored on this subject will provide an essential source of material in the analysis. The study is also mainly meant to analyze the four different prototypes of the community justice system and their overall effectiveness.
Citizen involvement in activities of crime prevention has become a normal practice in many communities. This has led to collaboration with the police to achieve reduced criminal activity in the communities. Because the community structure has changed, the dynamics of the nature of crimes has also increased (Cadora et al., 2011). The community struggles to keep up with these changes. Mobilization is one of the ways of ensuring that the changes felt in the community are achieved. In the mobilization model, police look to act as leaders in the community and mobilize members of the community. This mobilization is done to individuals and also to business representatives, educational institutions, both local and state owned, social providers and the youth. These and other groups are mobilized

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