Compose a 250 words essay on Creative problem solving. Needs to be plagiarism fr

Compose a 250 words essay on Creative problem solving. Needs to be plagiarism free!
nces a systematic thought process which entails problem identification, structuring the problem, coming up with the solution as well as improving solutions. Analytical problem solvers are able to recognize key issues and arrange information whilst identifying and structuring the problem (Alice, 2014).
There are numerous distinctive features of creative problem solving that differ from those of analytical problem solving. Creative problem solving is open-ended and time and again has lead to several solutions. An individual using creative problem solving will most probably still take a systematic approach, however e or she will be significantly affected by and keep in mind emotional and social factors involved. Creative problem solving Skills include taking social as well as affective factors into consideration. Creative problem solvers must have the skills of personal growth, including being unprejudiced and inquisitive. value of self as well as valuing and respecting other people. emotional management. Furthermore, they ought to be experts in effective communicating, including actively listening and reading body language performing in an organization and, performing well in a group, inviting interaction and not being disapproving (Alice, 2014).
According to (2003), Traditional problem solving investigates and analyzes the root of a problem and puts together a diagnosis. Uncovering mistakes and placing fault becomes crucial to the process, demoralizing those individuals who have been found lacking. The best result Traditional problem solving ever attains is that things become as good as they previously were. It reinstates the organization to its earlier

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