Compose a 250 words essay on Discussion Stories and the Communication Model. Nee

Compose a 250 words essay on Discussion Stories and the Communication Model. Needs to be plagiarism free!
In all four scenarios, different types of information are gathered, shared and saved in different ways. Like information can be shared through email, electronic documents, voice recording and web presentations. It can be stored directly through web pages means in a digital form or it can be printed through print out and filed them in files. This document which is assembled in the file will be a great asset for the organization.
For storing a collaboration experience, you must have knowledge that that has done and stored those types of experiences, awareness of from where the information of the experience will be available and from where you can find that information.
I have done research in collaboration in which our group members do not have a time to do research in same time and same place so we prefer to do research in same time, different place. In a same time, different place our group members have done research and sharing information in a same time and different places very easily through chatting, video conference, teleconference, through email, applications/white board sharing, group calendaring and through different resources. Our group members have adopted all these steps for doing that research successfully.
Winkler, Ramona. (2002). Keywords and Definitions Around “Collaboration”. SAP: The Best Run business Run Sap, Retrieved on 4th January 2012 from

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