Compose a 2500 words essay on Macro-prudential Policies. Needs to be plagiarism

Compose a 2500 words essay on Macro-prudential Policies. Needs to be plagiarism free!
A long-term environmental and social impact forms a group of another driver. A series of related events straight from resource limitations and climatic variations in unmanageable debt levels has significant implications for a long-term economic pattern. Consequently, the factors are so crucial in the long-term savings, particularly, in available pension schemes as well in the insurance industry. The third driver is Technological innovation. The use of information technology in communication as well in the commerce sector. This has contributed to the revolution in a manner that the financial transactions are processed and leads to the provision of totally new services as well as business models. To this effect, there are two different connected and overlapping technological systems.This has led to the increase in volume and variety of big data as well regular network connection (Acharya, and Yorulmaze,2008, p.2017). Hence, these probably need some components of financial systems. The aspects are significant since they help in adjusting the latter in order to sustain the relevance and profitability in the future financial system. Besides, Innovations in economics and monetary policy is one o the key drivers that affect the financial system. The financial calamity has led to an analysis of earlier theories and policy instruments that are found in the sectors of macroeconomics and finance. Consequently, the theories help manage monetary policies and regulations of the financial system.

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