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However, growth in these vital sectors has improved the GDP rate in the country and provided more job opportunities for Qatar citizens due to the progressive social programmes provided by the national government. As a result of the influx of foreign investors and rising labour productivity, the country has witnessed a 20 percent increase in domestic credit availability,
including private the business credit (SESD 2004). Macroeconomic performance in terms of establishing a diversified economic portfolio and rising consumer income levels have provided the country an opportunity to expand its knowledge and educational bases to include multiple industries and specialized production capabilities.
Qatar has had a steady trade relationship with Canada since the mid 2000s, with this particular country exporting $1.3 billion worth of goods to this nation (Spence 2005). However, since Qatar has only recently expanded its macro-level objectives outside of hydrocarbons, there are still ample opportunities for telecom exports, information technology, agri-foods, education, health, construction and financial services (Spence). These are not currently well-developed, self-sustaining systems in Qatar that rely on foreign imports as well as foreign expertise. Thus, in terms of the importation needs in Qatar, there are ample opportunities in multiple sectors.
In terms of Qatar’s exportation performance, it is rising steadily and has been since 2007. Qatar has achieved one of the highest GDP performance ratios in relation to account surplus that moved from 3.8 billion USD in 2002 to 17 billion USD in 2010 (EIU Viewswire 2010). There has been rising import spending due to the diversification strategies related to production, industrial knowledge, and overall gross domestic product. Some of these new international trade agreements have been the by-product of strengthening relationships in trade

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