Compose a 3000 words essay on SOCIAL JUSTICE IN CONTEMPORARY NURSING. Needs to b

Compose a 3000 words essay on SOCIAL JUSTICE IN CONTEMPORARY NURSING. Needs to be plagiarism free!
In spite of this, relevant studies indicate that the nursing profession has inconsistently continued to define social justice (Browne 2008, p. 83-85. Judy et al. 2010, p. E3-4), a critical concept that has introduced discrepancies between professional expectations and competence within practice. This paper will critically analyze the concept of social justice within the nursing profession by analyzing related literature and debate on policy concerns and forces that affect social justice within the practice. Also, the paper will analyse the application of nursing professional values in relation to social justice.
As identified in the introductory section, the concept of social justice within the nursing practice is surrounded by inconsistencies that cut across nursing expectations and practice. A study conducted by Pfitzinger (2013, p.1) involving the review of literature published on PubMed and CINAHL databases revealed that a majority of currently published articles related to social justice within nursing lacked a defined action plan and had inconsistencies within the definition of the notion of ‘social justice’. Additionally, those that have action plans were unable to guide clearly nurses on how to engage in acts related to social justice.
The education system is challenged with inadequate instructional methods that prepare the engagement and integration of concepts of social justice in nursing due to the uncertainty of the topic within practice (Browne & Tarlier 2008, p.85. Judy et al. 2010, p.E1-9). With the existence of such confusion, nurses are not expected to deal accurately with the vice of social injustice within the practice. Interestingly, pressure is mounting on instructors regarding the introduction of social justice concepts within the classroom setting with the looming confusion of defining the concept (Boutain 2005, p.405). Pfitzinger (2013, p.1) clearly explains the

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