Compose a 4500 words essay on Kurdistan. Needs to be plagiarism free! While the

Compose a 4500 words essay on Kurdistan. Needs to be plagiarism free!
While the political waves have promised to grant this state some form of political freedom, it is clear that it has a long way to go in the journey towards its independence.
In the Middle East, Kurdish people claim one of the longest histories. The Kurdistan land was founded back in the year 2400 BC and the Kurds occupied the same geographic region that they occupy today. However, the population in this land has changed since there hass been massive foreign invasions and immigrants into this region. The current face of the Kurdish people has been changed by not only the people surrounding them but also those that have entered in this region in the course of history. One of the historical times that the Kurds mark is the time that they fall under the rule of the Ottoman. The Ottoman Empire considerably suppressed the Kurdish people and this had socioeconomic impacts in this land. Since 1843, during the Ottoman rule, a massive Kurdish uprising underpinned the political consciousness of this community.
In the year 1908, the Kurdish people responded to oppression by attempting to form a national Kurdish movement. During the period of the First World War, there was a great struggle to redefine the boundaries of the Kurdistan land. Treaties were being formed by the respective governments to divide the minority communities such as Kurdistan. However, the government of Iraq and Turkey refused to give up the Kurdish land due to the presence of Oil wells in this region. They felt that this would be a great economic loss for the country. At the end of the Second World War, the Kurdish people formed the Mahabad Republic of Kurdistan, a body that gave this land independence from the other countries. However, this independence was short-lived as Iran, with the support of US and Great Britain destroyed this land and executed its leaders. This was a great blow for the land as it reduced the hopes of reconstruction and left the and under no

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