Compose a 500 words essay on Ethics in Practice. Needs to be plagiarism free! Fo

Compose a 500 words essay on Ethics in Practice. Needs to be plagiarism free!
Fox also provides suggestions for improvement. She strongly points out that although we should be thankful for the efforts of DeKeseredy and Kelly in researching into the important matter regarding the abuse of women, the approach of the researchers are too presumptuous and that the real dynamics of violence and abuse are too complicated to be explained by the statistical evidence presented.
The conclusions as well as the implied messages of the researchers are flawed, in that the data itself is not sufficient to reach such conclusions.
Before I begin stating my thoughts regarding the authors response, let me first make it clear that I stand strongly against men abusing women and that I support efforts to research further into the matter. Abuse is very damaging to the person experiencing it, whether it may come in the form of physical, emotional, or psychological damage. However, one must be very critical in defining what is considered as an abuse, and what is not. I believe that in the research done, the line was obscure and inappropriate.
It is with this that I would like to say that I am in agreement with the author, in that the research done by DeKeseredy and Kelly is flawed and biased. I personally think that, based on the readings about their research, DeKeseredy and Kelly probably lack the experience necessary for a deeper understanding of what is really going on between man and woman. I felt that their conclusions were naïve, and that they looked only on the data without really understanding what is really going on. The dynamics of relationship is truly not that simple.
But despite that, I salute the researchers for at least doing the research, because this is really a matter that everyone should be concerned about. Despite the fact that reading some of their conclusions regarding men and women and some of the things implied on their research made me frown quite a lot in disagreement, I would agree at the

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