Compose a 6000 words essay on Forensic Science. Needs to be plagiarism free! Sin

Compose a 6000 words essay on Forensic Science. Needs to be plagiarism free!
Since his execution, his parents and relatives have been striving to show the world the misuse of justice evident in the case because they still trust that their son was not guilty of the crime. Various articles and books have been published with respect to the case of James Hanratty, with some supporting the fact that Hanratty was not guilty following their investigation and the medical reports that were using the DNA of the victim and those of the deceased.
For one to better understand the investigations and the trial that was conducted on Mr. Hanratty, it is essential to consider the criminal record of the individual prior to the case that led to his death. It can be retrieved from the criminal accounts of Hanratty that by the period when he was found guilty of murdering Michael Gregsten, he has already been convicted of four crimes that were linked to motoring offences and minor theft such as housebreaking. In atatininig seventeen years of age, Mr. Hanratty appeared before Harrow Magistrate for taking someone’s motor vehicle without authority, and also driving a vehicle without insurance or a driving license. Such led to Hanratty being introduced to psychiatric treatment at the Portman Clinic where he was treated as an outpatient.
At the age of eighteen years, Hanratty appeared before the court at the county of Middlesex Sessions where he was found guilty and sentenced to two years of imprisonment due to breaking in into someone’s house and stealing some property. After the release of the release, his father opened a window cleaning business to help me keep away from crime. However, at the age of 20 years, five months after release from Wormwood Scrubs, he was sentenced for six months due to a variety of crimes associated with motor vehicles and driving without a license. However, he was released after four months, but later he was convicted of car theft when he was

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