Compose a 6750 words essay on Airline operations management (MRO case study). Ne

Compose a 6750 words essay on Airline operations management (MRO case study). Needs to be plagiarism free!
He is a true mentor and a persistent oasis of ideas and concepts that motivated my progress as a student and professional. I am undoubtedly obligated to him.
It is my pleasure to express my gratitude to all the staff and faculty members of Department of ABC for their valuable supportive remarks and observations. I would also appreciate the dedicated help of all my class fellows whose constructive comments and notes played vital role in presenting detailed explanations of the project.
I would also appreciate my online friend, ABC, who uninterruptedly helped in identifying and gaining access to relevant contents that proved significant to my research. We engaged in fruitful discussion on online forums that contributed in extraordinary way to accomplish this assignment with best possible result. I would like to thank the staff in university library for their smiling attitude. I would also mention National Library which provided me access to great texts of academic literature.
Recent technological advancements in software development and increasing trend in implementing such IT based solutions in Aviation MROs is a major step forward in providing, controlling and tracking maintenance information. Vendors developing such specialist software are continually endeavoring to improve their products over past many years. In the same context, vendors are heavily investing in making their ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solutions more specific to particular industry. The purpose of this research project is to develop in-depth understanding of how airline operations are managed. Further, the study aims to investigate and evaluate commercially available various options for software implementation in an airline, which currently consists of Jetstream 31 aircraft is planning future expansions with commission of new BAe aircraft. This study also focuses on identifying regulatory requirements enforced by EASA for aviation industry operators and

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