Review the two links about the decision by British pub Wetherspoon to quit social media. Listen to the different reasons that the company’s leader gave for making this decision. Think about this in the context of what we have learned about mass media, its role in society, and the power of this global tool.

Prepare a thoughtful response of no more than 2 pages discussing this decision. Some main points to consider:

  • What is the role of social media as a mass communication channel?
  • Discuss how the leadership arrived at this decision, including the poll taken among employees and the opinions of leadership. Is this a valid way to proceed?
  • What effects might the elimination of social media as a communication tool have on the business? The leader states that there will be no effect. Do you think this is accurate? What about the power of social media as a mass communication marketing tool?
  • Offer your insights into the overall wisdom of this decision. Is this a good or bad idea? Is this a bold move by Wetherspoon? Is it reckless? Use examples from the course material, your media journal findings, and general literature about social media use to support your position.


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