Concept of Pain and its definition.

Concept of Pain and its definition.

Question descriptionPlease develop an APA format with 5 pages(The introduction must include 3 definitions of pain and also the purpose of the paper). See the attachment below for instructions. Do not forget include citations and the references below. Thank you!Private Education Loan

Applicant Self-Certification

OMB No. 1845-0101

Form Approved

Important: Pursuant to Section 155 of the Higher Education Act of 1965, as amended, (HEA) and to satisfy the

requirements of Section 128(e)(3) of the Truth in Lending Act, a lender must obtain a self-certification signed by the

applicant before disbursing a private education loan. The school is required on request to provide this form or the

required information only for students admitted or enrolled at the school. Throughout this Applicant Self-Certification,

“you” and “your” refer to the applicant who is applying for the loan. The applicant and the student may be the same


Instructions: Before signing, carefully read the entire form, including the definitions and other information

on the following page. Submit the signed form to your lender.


• Free or lower-cost Title IV federal, state, or school student financial aid may be available in place of,

or in addition to, a private education loan. To apply for Title IV federal grants, loans and work-study,

calling 1-800-4-FED-AID, or from the school’s financial aid office.

• A private education loan may reduce eligibility for free or lower-cost federal, state, or school student

financial aid.

• You are strongly encouraged to pursue the availability of free or lower-cost financial aid with the

school’s financial aid office.

• The financial information required to complete this form can be obtained from the school’s financial

aid office. If the lender has provided this information, you should contact your school’s financial aid

office to verify this information and to discuss your financing options.


A. Student’s cost of attendance for the period of enrollment covered by the loan $

B. Estimated financial assistance for the period of enrollment covered by the loan $

C. Difference between amounts A and B

WARNING: If you borrow more than the amount on line C, you risk reducing

your eligibility for free or lower-cost federal, state, or school financial aid.



Enter or correct the information below.

Full Name and Address of School

Applicant Name (last, first, MI) Date of Birth (mm/dd/yyyy) / /

Permanent Street Address

City, State, Zip Code

Area Code / Telephone Number Home ( ) Other ( )

E-mail Address

Period of Enrollment Covered by the Loan (mm/dd/yyyy) From / / to / /

If the student is not the applicant, provide the student’s name and date of birth.

Student Name (last, first, MI) Student Date of Birth (mm/dd/yyyy) / /


I certify that I have read and understood the notices in Section 1 and, that to the best of my knowledge, the

information provided on this form is true and correct.

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