Concept Paper: Application in Nursing Custom Essay

Introduction Within the human race, there is an inherent need for belonging. This need is greatly fueled by the many puzzles that accompany life, and particularly the inability to solve the riddle of where individuals go after they die. This desire is primarily responsible for the commitment that many individuals pay to their spiritual lives. It is a fairly common consensus that there exists a Supreme Being that has power over life and death, and to whom we all belong. Because of this belief, spirituality has played a central role in the shaping of society. However, it must also be clearly understood that spirituality is not synonymous with religiousness. The inability of these two aspects to ??˜co-habit??™ has influenced the development of every aspect in its own right. It is essential that spirituality, and its widespread influence is understood in the society. Definition Spirituality has an etymological history that points to French and Latin roots. Coincidentally, these two languages, and the nations in which they were spoken, were fundamental to the establishment of religious systems and beliefs in the world of yore.

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