Concept Usage in a Professional Practice Model

Concept Usage in a Professional Practice Model
The purpose of this paper is for you to examine the philosophy of nursing and/or the professional practice model in your facility (if you are not working or the facility does not have one, then you may choose one from your readings).
Example: Your hospitals framework is based on Jean Watsons Caring model.
Select a single word (concept) that is included or defined within your professional practice model or philosophy, as a characteristic of the model.
For this paper, include a discussion of:
A concept from your organizations nursing philosophy or professional practice model. Examples include: safety, patient satisfaction, quality, accessible healthcare, responsibility, and caring.
The organizational definition, if stated. Also list your organizations mission and vision statements. If the organizational definition, mission, and/or vision are not stated, explain this in your paper.
Several definitions and uses of the concept (as in the Unit 3 Assignment) taken from the nursing literature.
Your own definition of the concept, as if you are preparing it to submit to your workplace as a needed refinement (why you have modified the definition). Develop this from your reading and the organizations definition. In other words, modify it as you would like to see it developed into the framework and organizational structure of the facility by specifically identifying your redefinition and explaining why you feel the definition of the concept should be modified.
How this concept supports your professional practice model. Be sure to specifically identify by name your facilitys professional practice model or provide a framework that would represent the philosophy of nursing within your facility, such as Watsons Caring model.
Use 46 nursing scholarly sources to support your definitions.
Use the
Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association
(6th ed.) to cite in text and your reference list.
Your Assignment must be 46 pages, and should include a title page and reference page (in addition to the 46 pages for the Assignment).
Unit 5.docx

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