Concepts Analysis Paper

MN 502 Unit 9 Assignment
MN502: Unit 9 Assignment
Concepts Analysis Paper
This paper will demonstrate scholarly, graduate school level writing and critical analysis of
existing nursing knowledge. The final paper will be 7–10 pages (excluding title page and
references), using APA format with at least 8–10 sources of information.
For your final submission you will take the concept of interest to you, which you used in Unit 3
and develop it into a final concept analysis paper. You may use some of the same resources
from your past literature reviews and add to it, finding evidenced-based articles (based on
research studies in nursing) using the concept or discussing the concept. You can use the
concept as a primary search term or through search vocabulary provided in the database. You
may also want to look at another discipline’s search engine (business, education, etc.). For
example, if you are interested in the concept of uncertainty in illness or grief in sudden death,
you would conduct a literature search examining the concept of uncertainty or grief. The online
library is one resource ( and other known reliable websites. You
may also select a concept that you have wondered about or discovered in your reading that is
different from the concept you selected for the first two assignments. Please confer with faculty
if you are not sure about your concepts or sources.
For this paper, you will:
· Identify the concept and purpose for studying the concept
· Describe reasons for this concept being of interest to nursing and its body of knowledge
· Define the attributes of the concept and its relevant uses
· Conduct a literature search and present it as a summary of the concept as described in each article with examples of how the author defined the term.
· Provide the theoretical and operational definition of the concept based on the review of literature. (Theoretical is pure definition and operational is how it is used in practice.)
· Apply the concept as it relates to your practice and how you will use this concept in the
Describe the value of these concept analyses to your understanding of nursing
When your paper is complete, save as a Word document, and upload to the Dropbox basket:
Unit 9 Assignment.
To view the Grading Rubric for this Assignment, please visit the Grading Rubrics section
of the Course Home.
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