Conceptual models of conversion disorder

Watch the video and share your opinions and reasons on what disorder this is.

Also find another media example (e.g. movie, video clip, news article) that covers either a somatoform disorder or dissociative disorder. Please remember to give your rationalof the disorder you assign to your example.

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Conceptual models of conversion disorder. Psychodynamic and learning theory offer conceptual models of conversion disorder that emphasize the role of conversion symptoms leading to escape or relief from anxiety. Cognitive Theory Cognitive theorists have speculated that some cases of hypochondriasis may represent a type of self-handicapping strategy, a way of blaming poor performance on failing health (Smith, Snyder, & Perkins, 1983). Cognitive theorists speculate that hypochondriasis and panic disorder, which often occur together, may share a common cause: a distorted way of thinking that leads the person to misinterpret minor changes in bodily sensations as signs of pending catastrophe (Salkovskis & Clark, 1993) * Somatoform Disorders Treatments include Antidepressant medications Cognitive-behavioral treatment focused on exposure and response prevention Dissociative Disorders Dissociative disorder – A disorder characterized by disruption, or dissociation, of identity, memory, or consciousness. The major dissociative disorders include dissociative identity disorder, dissociative amnesia, dissociative fugue, and depersonalization disorder. In each case, there is a disruption or dissociation ( “ splitting off ” ) of the functions of identity, memory, or consciousness that normally make us whole. * Dissociative Disorders The dissociative disorders are a group of conditions involving disruptions in a person ’ s normally integrated functions of consciousness memory identity perception Overview of Dissociative Disorders * Dissociative Disorders In derealization one ’ s sense of the reality of the outside world is temporarily lost In depersonalization one ’ s sense of one ’ s self and one ’ s reality is temporarily lost Depersonalization Disorder Depersonalization – Feelings of unreality or detachment from one ’ s self or one ’ s body. Derealization -…

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