Concert Essay

Essays need to be between 2-3 pages, not to exceed 3 pages. Please follow APA style and guidelines for spacing and font style and size, size 12 font and double-spaced.

Here is the Rubric for the concert essays.

  1. 2-3 pages 5.00 pts

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  2. Typed/APA Format (including citations and references) 5.00 pts

  3. History of the Piece(s) 20.00 pts
    Dates of the composition. Name of the Composer. Why the composer wrote the piece(s)? Who else has performed the piece?

  4. Characteristics of the Piece(s) 20.00 pts
    Discuss: Musical Texture, Style, Tonality, Characteristics (music related or non-musical) from the time the piece was composed

  5. Personal Perception 20.00 pts
    What did you like about the piece(s)? What did you not like? Why? What impressions did you have on the performance? Do not to use first-person in your writing. Challenge yourself to avoid the use of “I”, “you”, “one”, “we”.
    Bad Example: I liked the way the performers were physically engaged in the music making.
    Good Example: It was entertaining to see the performers move to the music they played.

  6. Grammar 20.00 pts
    Punctuation, verb, adjective, noun agreement. Clear wording of ideas and phrases.

  7. Enjoyment by the Reader 5.00 pts
    Fun to read? Did I learn something from my reading?

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