Conduct a literature search related to an assigned Nursing Theory/Theorist. Select a maximum of 10 references including at least 6 journal readings/research articles.

ok here it is Assignment #2: The Metaparadigm of Nursing Paper
This assignment is a scholarly paper about a nursing theorist and their nursing metaparadigm. You were assigned to research a nursing theorist selecting peer reviewed journal readings the first week of class and you completed a two page summary about that theorist/theory. Now you will broaden that exercise and create a paper using additional concepts or ideas. Below are the steps associated with this project. The length of this paper should be 6 pages (typed and double spaced excluding the title and reference page). The metaparadigm paper is worth 200 points.
1) Conduct a literature search related to an assigned Nursing Theory/Theorist. Select a maximum of 10 references including at least 6 journal readings/research articles.
2) Identify and explain the concepts inherent in the theory (including nursing meta-paradigm and major theory concepts) and explain each one.
3) Explain one peer reviewed research study that has utilized this theory. How/where was the theory used who were the participants what were the findings? Submit this article with your paper.
4) Explain how this theory might be utilized in a particular clinical/educational setting today.
Grading: Assignment #2: The Metaparadigm of Nursing Paper
25 Submitted and complete literature search use APA format and list each of the references
that you selected to be reviewed for the scholarly paper.
60 Identification and complete explanation of meta-paradigm concepts clearly explain the
selected theorists definition of the patient nursing environment health. Use examples to
illustrate these definitions where appropriate.
60 Identification and complete explanation of major theory concepts explain the major views
of the selected theorists metaparadigm that make it unique from other theories.
30 Detailed summary of the research study associated with the theory explain the essential
features of the research study/environment.
25 APA format spelling and grammar/punctuation
Total = 200 points
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Assignment #3: Governing Board Northwest Valley Medical Center Presentation
This assignment is a group project and is based upon your in depth review of the assigned nursing theorist in assignment #1 and #2. Your team will develop and implement a presentation for the rest of the class as if you are making a presentation to a group of professionals students prospective registered nurses or another selected group of your choice based upon the Northwood Valley Medical Center case study below. Be professional in your presentation including your role identification and dress. The nursing theory presentation is worth 200 points.
Case Study: Northwood Valley Medical Center (NVMC)
NVMC is a mid-sized medical center located in northern California. It is a full-service acute-care state-of-the-art facility. Services include cardiac surgery an accredited Cancer Program Womens and Childrens services including a Pediatric Unit and the only Level II Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Nursery (NICU) in the far north. NVMC has an Emergency Department that boasts all Emergency Medicine Board Certified physicians.
Nursing: The facility has a fairly stable RN staff with lower than average turnover. RNs are ADN or BSN prepared and many managers have completed a MSN. Staffing issues revolve around competition for nursing staff with a new medical center 30 miles away part of a large chain of hospitals. Additionally many of the long term staff are reaching retirement age. The CNE wants to encourage new nurses to choose NVMC over the cross county rival. She would also like to attract more BSNs from the new state university 2 hours away. The CNO believes staff should participate in research and practice decisions. She has hired three clinical specialists and asked them to develop practice and research councils to promote these activities. In addition a masters prepared nurse educator has been hired to oversee the orientation and mentor programs. The NVMC selection committee believes magnet status will help the facility attract the best staff and provide excellent patient care. You need to convince the NVMC selection committee that your model will be the best choice!
Use the scenario above for guidance in developing your presentation. If you want to be creative and add a few details of your own that would be great!
1. Groups of 2-3 students will present nursing theories/frameworks/models to the class in the context of the above noted scenario.
2. Research the theory using current and classic literature including books and articles.
3. Groups will self -delegate parts of assignment to members and practice presentation as a whole.
4. Presentation will be 30 minutes per group (ONLY: Be respectful of other peoples time!!)
5. The presentation should be interesting and professional. It should thoroughly cover the theory and

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