Conduct a new search on a phrase related to the same topic on which you searched for the previous exercise. As the video demonstrates, make sure to use quotation marks around the phrase.

library tutorial exercise2

  1. Conduct a new search on a phrase related to the same topic on which you searched for the previous exercise. As the video demonstrates, make sure to use quotation marks around the phrase.

RESPOND:With the original search terms of “millennials generation” and “work ethic” I found 235 articles; however, when I sited the entire phrase in quotes, I found 70 articles. Though, when I took off generation and work ethic for workplace –10 articles were produced.

  1. Then, following the instructions provided in the second video, focus your search by using the SU-subject terms option from the drop-down menu for one of the rows.

RESPOND: When utilizing “millennials” and “workplace” with the subject terms search there six articles that were found. However, when I once again tried to employ quotations for the whole phrase there were no results that were generated. It is quite interesting how quotation marks can affect what a search can produced.

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analyzing three technical descriptions

RESPOND: Mr. Woodford who is the author of the “How do laser printer work?” article gave a good introduction and background historical facts about the laser printer. By giving this information before he describes the specifications and technical workings of the printer, he allows the reader to understand what the laser printer is. Furthermore he takes it a step more by relating it to a photocopier because it is expected that more people may have seen a photocopier than a laser printer. I also liked that he not only explained the inter-mechanics of the machine, he also displayed corresponding pictures too.

Discussion on sample paper for WA#2

Please read the sample technical description of the zone read, written by Gary, a former student in WRTG 393.

Then answer the following questions:

  1. Gary’s technical description is written to an audience that is not very familiar with football. In what ways does Gary accommodate this audience? Please refer to at least two examples of text in his paper to give evidence for your answer.

RESPOND: Making sure that Gary can accommodate his audience, he clarifies what the positions of both offense and defense for the reader. His description on the offense was exceptional because the author provides an overview of what each offense position entails and how they are utilize in the offense. He takes it a step further when he describes all the positions and labels for the defensive players. Once that is completed he goes on to enlighten the reader on what a Zone Read play is, and how players are utilized.

  1. Gary created his own graphics for his technical description. Are his graphics effective? Why or why not? Write a 2-3 sentences in answering this question.

RESPOND: I believe that the graphics were effective, because they showed how players would be applied when implementing the Zone Read play. He explain the path that the players would take with the use of arrows.

  1. If Gary were to write this technical description to an audience that watches football every weekend, how might he have adjusted the description? Please write 2-3 sentences in answering this question.

RESPOND: If the audience that Gary were writing to be an avid watchers of football, then I believe that he would have used more terminology or lingo that football fan would have known and understood. He also would not have needed the descriptive introduction that was presented.

  1. Gary uses some fairly informal language in this description. Give one example of a sentence in which he uses informal language. Then revise the sentence you have chosen so that it is more formal.

RESPOND: In the article Gary informal sentence was “These are the big guys who have the job of protecting the quarterback from oncoming defensive players or opening up rushing lanes for the running back to run through.” My revision of this sentence would be the following “These players tend to be the largest players on the field, because their responsibility is to protect the quarterback from the incoming defensive players or to create a path for the running backs to operate through.”

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