Conducting Lab Experiments

The following format is the standard way to write an ABET acceptable lab report. Your report must contain the following sections.

  1. Cover page:
    In this page, you should include an appropriate title of the experiment, date of the experiment, course ID & section number, your name as well as your partners.
  2. Table of content ( recommended – Times New Roman 14)
  3. Objective
    Tell the reason why to do this lab experiment. What do you expect to get out of this lab experiment or what do you want to prove?
  4. Introduction
    Explain the theory and the scientific background of the experiment – this includes key concepts, important equations, and assumptions. Why did you do it? What kind of conclusions do you expect to come to? How do you plan to come to them? This should not be taken directly from the lab handouts. The best lab reports are usually written by people who have looked up one or more references cited in the lab handout and have used textbook to develop the background. You need to show that you thoroughly understand the concepts.
  5. Procedures
    Student should describe briefly the experimental procedural. Specify the instruments and instrument settings that you have used. List any information about components that you used. Specify manufacturer and versions of equipment and components. Record each steps of procedure as thorough as possible. Make sure you reference the procedures according to lab manuals or textbooks as much as possible.
  6. Data collection as result of the lab experiment
    This is the section of harvest. All your heard work is obtain the experimental result. Now it is the time you present them in a nice way so that the reader can understand your work. Using tables, charts, plots, or even spreadsheet is good idea to display your result. All schematic circuit diagrams and snap-shots of the screen from the scopes are very helpful to enhance the quality of your report.
  7. Discussion and conclusion
    You conclude this lab experiment and discuss any extra idea about this lab here.

Your score of this report:

% of total score    Your score

Title page 5
Table of content 5
Objective 10
Introduction 20
Setup & Procedure 20
Data collection & result 20
Discussion & Conclusion 10
List of Teamwork & allocation of the workload 10 (if applicable)
Total 100%

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