Conflict analysis

Choose one of the professional conflict situations that came to mind as you were reading. Write a conflict analysis paper that includes the following components:
Just as you wrote a description of ineffective communication in week 4, describe the conflict experience in a style similar to the case studies in our text, making the single-spaced description of the conflict no longer than one page.
Analyze the conflict in a style also similar to the ���Addressing the Critical Issues��� component of the text-based case studies. For this conflict experience be sure to address:
the context of the conflict,
apparent and potential underlying reasons for or causes of the conflict,
the type or types of conflict involved (see the 9th slide in PowerPoint Slides for this week),
the content of the conflict, and
the methods you would employ to promote a collaborative culture and resolve the project if you could re-enact the situation. (Use both PowerPoint Slides presentations as the basis for this section of your paper.) Be sure to include an evaluation of these methods and how their implementation contributed to the resolution of conflict.
Conclude the conflict analysis paper with one or two paragraphs summarizing what you have learned about managing conflict within a context of educational leadership and the promotion of collaborative work environments.

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