connect the concepts of the book with concepts in the class.

Midterm Essay (for grads)

5 points each for:

Choice — relevance of book chosen

Connection — citing themes (>= 3) from class

Clarity — presenting clearly and concisely

Cogency — of argument

Graduate students in the class are expected to select one of the optional texts for the class, or propose a different book title and have it approved for the assignment. They will then write an essay on how the book relates to ideas touched upon in the class, showcasing their ability to connect concepts learned in class with the “outside world”. The relevance of the book will need to be argued by every student, by immediately establishing the connections between it and the class. Students are then expected to delve deeper into the main ideas presented in the text, and reflect on them based on their lessons learned in class. The writing and presentation must be free of grammar/typographical errors, and follow a clear logical outline. The cogency of the argument should also be clear, i.e. expressing what the book is conveying or not, and how well it is able to do so.

The book I have chosen is Winners Take All by Anand Giridharadas

Topics that are talked about are ICTD, HCI, HCI4D, Technology and Poverty. This class basically discusses how technology and development are not available to some populations worldwide(those in poverty). How these organizations (ICTD, HCI etc…)are run and how they are trying to help and how they are failing or succeeding. We have lots of readings from different points of views on these topics.


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